Risks inherent to the activity

Risks of climbing are, more particularly but not limited to:

The fact of slipping, tripping or falling painfully when using the facilities or equipment, climbing walls, boldering areas, mattresses, floors in areas of climbing, training areas, bathrooms, cloakrooms or steps and stairs.

Injuries caused by the participant’s drop, including but not limited to, a fall on other people, a fall or contact with walls, structures or ropes, or falling on the floor.

Physical injuries, in particular due to a fall or a bad move, as sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, etc.

Fatigue, dizziness or health disorder that can reduce the reaction time and increase the risk of accidents.

Improper use of facilities, mattresses or removable equipment including harnesses and ropes.

Breakage, movements or falls of grips, equipment or other debris, caused accidentally or by other users.

A sloping or uneven environment, equipment and obstacles, which can move or not.

Recognition and risk acceptance

I am aware that the activity I will practice involves risks that may cause material loss or other injury or death. These risks are identified in paragraph above, and I understand that the description of these risks is not complete and that other unknown or unanticipated risks may result in injury, illness or death.

I confirm having been informed about the risks the activity and I am able to undertake the activity knowingly and accepting the risks involved in this activity.

I agree to assume full responsibility for any physical or psychological injury or damage resulting of the risks or dangers and agree to release and hold harmless L’Ascensation, école d’escalade, Aventurex inc. and Montagne en ville, climbing gym all liability for any injury, moral or material, that may result.

I understand the staff of L’Ascensation may exclude of the activity any person who may pose a risk to themselves or to others.

Participant involvement

I pledge to conduct myself at all times in a responsible and cautious way in order to eliminate or reduce the risk to myself and to others.

I agree to follow and respect at all times the instructions and directions given by the staff of L’Ascensation.

I undertake to ask clearly what to do before a difficulty unknown to me, and I will not execute a maneuver that seems too difficult for me.

I promise not to go beyond my ability and to notify the person responsible for any discomfort, pain or symptoms felt during the practice of the activity.

I declare not to be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs and formally undertake not to use it for the duration of the activity.

I undertake to use and place mobile mats for the reception area.

I undertake to climb down the block routes to minimize the height of the fall.

I undertake to be help by another climber to reduce the risk of bad fall.

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